Sunday, 6 March 2011

First Random Post!

This is my first ever post, so ill tell you a wee bit about mysalf yah??

For starters
Im a Dork.  But Im Lovable!
(Scilence as i let that sink in)

Ok, Im A fangirl of Stargate, SG1 and SGA, Castle, Bones, Firefly, and Just recently Sanctuary.... :B

Im addicted to Amanda Tapping! Yes ok im obsessed..... O.O

Im 5'6,
Hour Glass figure,
Brown Short hair
Fair Skin
Few Freckles on my nose.

My Mum is awesome, she is like my sister,
My Dad is really wierd and can be amazingly helpful at times
i have 2 dogs
Cleo and Brandy
Mum says i can get a pet Turtle cuz they Rock!

Im in Highschool.

My friends say im random, and during this time of my blogging ill be sayung some very random stuff..... Sawwy Bout that....

My favorite Colours are Lime Green and Bright Yellow, I have wicked Yellow shoes!!

Im very proud to be an Aunty to a beautiful little Boy Caden

And Im Australian :D

Well as this is my first post that is all for the intro, mebbe later today ill write another blog.... XD

Oh and This Blog is all Tootapanga's Fault, she got my hooked.... Oh and follow her! She ROCKS!!!

Love, Peace, Individuality <3
Love Me! Blue Jello Sam - for more goofyness!!